Hydromer Inc. Focuses on Making Larger Impact in Cabarrus Co., Surrounding Areas

As we eagerly launched the state’s first economic gardening program, Grow Cabarrus, at the start of 2020, one of the leading producers of polymer-based products was making a huge move from New Jersey to their newly constructed and designed building in Concord, North Carolina. Hydromer Inc., a 40+ year old manufacturer of medical device coatings, industrial coatings, hydrogels and hand sanitizer solutions, made the extraordinary transition to Cabarrus County, then immediately hit the ground running. They had clients to serve.

A few months after settling into their new home in Cabarrus County, the world was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that, Hydromer was able to continue producing superior products for various industries while also offering a tremendous amount of support in producing and distributing hand sanitizers, anti-fog coatings for PPE, and anti-microbial hydrophilic coatings for medical devices.

Hydromer’s focus on growth made them the prime example of a company that would benefit from Grow Cabarrus. The program focuses on growing local stage 2 companies by putting a team of business research experts at the company’s disposal to find information that can help them make key decisions. Often this is market research, industry trends, competitor intelligence, but the program can be customized to fit each company’s specific needs. Soon after they were told about the program by the Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation (Cabarrus EDC), they were accepted into the six-week program.

“We have accepted this offer as this program helps to strengthen Hydromer’s efforts by devising effective marketing and sales techniques to reach a larger client base for our various products and technologies,” stated Nikki Barnes, Marketing Automation Specialist at Hydromer. “This program helps us to work with outside experts to grow our business that will also assist in Hydromer making a larger impact in the business sectors of Cabarrus County by being able to bring more jobs and sustainability to Cabarrus and surrounding areas.”

Hydromer serves various market segments, such as medical devices, industrial and consumer sectors, with a very diversified client base throughout the globe. “We would love to scale our footprint faster, however, as a small enterprise with limited internal resources, we are excited to have Grow Cabarrus help us with dealing with some of our growth challenges,” says Barnes.

Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation launched Grow Cabarrus in December 2019 in partnership with the National Center for Economic Gardening. The program currently has one spot available for a second stage company in Cabarrus County that meets the program requirements. For more information about Grow Cabarrus, visit cabarrusedc.com/growcabarrus.

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