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For the past 22 years, the Coleman family has been a cornerstone of the business community in Cabarrus County, embarking on a journey that has seen them evolve from humble origins to pioneering leaders in their field. What started as CMC Industrial Services of North Carolina has blossomed into a multifaceted enterprise, driven by a passion for innovation, a commitment to quality, and a deep-seated desire to serve their community.

One of the hallmarks of the Coleman family’s approach to business is their willingness to take risks and embrace new opportunities. From venturing into dry ice manufacturing to purchasing a fleet of rail car tankers for carbon dioxide transportation, they’ve never been afraid to take chances. This spirit of adventure, coupled with a strong work ethic honed during Mike’s time in the military, has propelled them to new heights time and time again.

Pioneering Industrial Cleaning

At its inception, CMC Industrial Services of North Carolina distinguished itself by employing cutting-edge techniques in industrial cleaning. Utilizing carbon dioxide (CO2) for cleaning nuclear facilities and historical restorations, the company set a high standard for efficiency and effectiveness. Coleman’s background with a Fortune 500 company provided invaluable manufacturing contacts and insights, propelling the business forward despite his initial unfamiliarity with the dry ice industry.

Dry ice blasting, a sophisticated technique, demonstrates its effectiveness across various applications such as injection mold cleaning, rubber mold cleaning, preventive maintenance, and general plant cleanup. What sets this process apart is its lack of secondary waste and water, making it an attractive option for equipment cleaning, even while operations are ongoing.

You’ve probably visited many of the places they have cleaned using their dry ice process including Optimist Hall in Charlotte, Gibson Mill, the Old Creamery, and Locke Mill Apartments, all of which have been repurposed for new use.

A Venture Into Dry Ice Manufacturing

Recognizing the need for self-sufficiency and cost-effectiveness, Coleman ventured into dry ice manufacturing in 2020, becoming the only independent manufacturer in the Carolinas. This move not only optimized operational efficiency but also unlocked new revenue streams, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when demand for dry ice surged due to vaccine distribution requirements.

This new idea was actually the brainchild of their son, Dalton. While a student in the Queens University of Charlotte McColl School of Business, he was asked to evaluate how an existing business could become more efficient. He reached out to his Dad who was excited to see what Dalton might discover.

He was able to determine that the dry ice was actually their biggest expense when he factored in the wear and tear on vehicles and manpower required to transport it along with it being more and more difficult to acquire when they needed it. Dalton suggested that if they manufactured their own dry ice, they could save quite a bit of money.

Community Engagement and Support

The Coleman family’s commitment to Cabarrus County extends beyond business operations. Through initiatives like the Grow Cabarrus program, they actively contribute to the local business ecosystem, leveraging resources and expertise to foster growth and innovation. Furthermore, their dedication to customer service ensures that clients receive not only quality products but also personalized attention and support.

A Family Affair

At the heart of the Coleman family’s success lies a deep sense of collaboration and support. From Mike’s wife Nesha, who brings 25 years of financial expertise as the CFO, to their son Dalton, whose innovative thinking led to the establishment of CMC Dry Ice, every member plays a crucial role in the company’s growth and success.

National Sales Manager Stephanie Vaughan, who joined the team during COVID with no prior knowledge of dry ice, has become an invaluable asset embodying the spirit of adaptability and resilience. They also have a diverse team of employees who help them reach their business goals.

Looking to the Future

The Coleman family is expanding their footprint once again venturing into bulk hydrogen and CO2 transport with the creation of Coleman Industrial Gases, LLC, which has already been featured in Gasworld, a global publication.

With plans for further growth and development, the Coleman family exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration that defines Cabarrus County’s business landscape.

Visit their LinkedIn feed to see lots of videos of their process, get to know their staff and more!

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