#MadeInCabarrus: High-Performance Noise Control Solutions

When heavy equipment is being manufactured, they’re often fitted with special fabricated materials to help control the loud sounds these large machines make when they’re being operated. These manufacturers are able to cut out a lot of that noise thanks to materials that are produced right here in Cabarrus County by Technicon Acoustics.

For the last 40 years, Technicon Acoustics has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-performance noise control products for original equipment manufacturers. What began as a six-person operation in Charlotte, North Carolina grew in time, so the company decided to expand to its present location in Concord where they now have more than 30 employees. Eventually, Technicon Acoustics grew to become the leading producer of acoustic and thermal solutions for original equipment manufacturers in North America.

Technicon Acoustics focuses on providing fabricated material solutions that are cut to size and order based on their customers’ needs. Their materials can be found in excavators, bulldozers, and many other types of construction equipment, as well as some types of medical equipment.

For more information about Technicon Acoustics and their products, visit techniconacoustics.com.

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