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#MadeinCabarrus: Photo Printing Technology by DNP IAM

Have you ever had photos taken in a photobooth or at a photo ID kiosk? What about photos printed by a professional photographer? While many of us don’t think about how our photos were printed or where photobooths come from, you might be surprised to find out that many of these solutions were made possible because of a company right here in Cabarrus County.

DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) may not be a household name, but you have probably used or received one of their printing solutions at one time. Located off of Enterprise Drive in Concord, DNP IAM is the world’s leading provider of professional dye-sublimation photo printing solutions for photo booths and professional photographers.

For those who haven’t heard of dye-sublimation, these technologies are not like other photo printing processes that require chemicals or liquids. DNP’s dye-sublimation technologies require minimal care and produce prints that are resistant to smudging, running and blotching. That’s why their products are such a huge hit for professional photographers and retailers worldwide!

So, the next time you are getting photos taken at a photobooth, ID photo kiosk, or by a professional photographer, you may in fact be using a product that is made right here at home!

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