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CCS Seeks Business Leaders for STEM Partner Program

The STEM program at Cabarrus County Schools is seeking new business/community partners to work with students and teachers to strengthen the community connections of their program.

The CCS K-12 STEM pipeline serves over 5,000 students. The program’s goal is the provide an industry-based experience for the 500+ STEM teachers which directly connects STEM to their classroom. They also want every STEM student to experience authentic experiences through the help of local community partners. This is an opportunity to make a difference for future STEM generations in Cabarrus County.

There are so many roles community members can fill: volunteers, guest speakers, mentors, STEMersion hosts, field trip hosts, and so much more.

Local business leaders are invited to join CCS for a STEM Partner Onboarding Session on August 22, 2023 from 4:00-5:00pm at the CCS Board Room located at 4401 Old Airport Road, Concord, NC to learn more about this opportunity. No RSVP required.

Click here for more information about the STEM program at Cabarrus County Schools.

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